About Cabfas

The Environment Agency (EA) has proposed a big flood alleviation scheme for Caversham that will have a huge impact on residents alongside the proposed flood defences and forever change the park, playground and river environment along the Thames.

CABFAS, the campaign for a better flood alleviation scheme, challenges the assumption of need and the details of the scheme and asks for proper consultation and serious consideration of alternatives to this large-scale, heavy-engineering scheme.

Take action now:

  • Read up on what’s being proposed and some of the questions to ask about the scheme.
  • Write to the EA via email: reading&[email protected] with your questions and objections.
  • Write to your local councillors and MP (click here to find their emails)
  • Sign up to the CABFAS mailing list to keep in touch with campaign news (Hint: See the ‘Subscribe to our Mailing list’ on this page).
  • Support the campaign – tell others, like and share our Facebook page and help by offering time and expertise. Our email address is: [email protected].